Access the “Reassessing your supply chain RISK – post Covid-19” Webinar

Webinar conducted on 1st October 2020

Recent high profile supply disruptions during the crisis have cast a critical light on the industry’s approach to supply chain risk. We now need to continue to deliver maximum procurement efficiency but with the added challenge of delivering a robust and resilient supply line – tasks that might be traditionally viewed as mutually exclusive.

Yet, in this webinar we will explore how to deliver on these two priorities without creating a conflict, through the application of a more mature approach to supply chain risk. We will also examine supply chain mapping and the application of reliability engineering techniques to pin-point and prioritise sources of risk in your supply chain. We will examine how scenario-planning can be used to prepare for future supply threats and at how technology can be used to help assess, model and optimise risk and provide the visibility required to maintain a ‘dynamically stable’ inbound supply chain.

Your expert presenters

Kieran Heinze

Simon Coates

Kieran Heinze leads the supply chain risk practice at Infosys Portland and has a 20-year supply chain risk background servicing a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, FMCG, transport & heavy-industrial, aerospace & defence , oil & gas and mining.

Simon Coates leads the supply chain management business at Infosys-Portland and consults to a wide range of Australian based businesses at the highest levels.

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