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Webinar conducted on August 26th 2020

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About the webinar

Sustainable procurement in many different forms has been a key driver for most professional procurement teams in recent years – certainly since the ISO20:400 standard was launched in May 2017.

Yet priorities will shift after the pandemic crisis subsidies and we enter a ‘new normal’ …. And the ‘safety first’ theme will become top priority for almost every organisation; navigating virus risks for all staff, customers and stakeholders.

Whilst safety has always been high priority in some industries (like aviation, oil & gas and resources) it is set to become a major strategic influencer in all industries as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As one CPO recently said, “We don’t really buy goods and services any more, only safety. In fact, in many cases we are forging separate and intricate safety agreements with vendors & contractors much as we do with NDAs really.”

So, how do you buy safety in future? What are the standards at work? What does best practice look like? The real Do’s and Dont’s of today? And how do we need to BUY safety differently for different things – goods v services v contractors on site? And what standards should we benchmark to and measure contractor safety performance against?

Your expert presenters

Ben Wilson

Luke Beeston

Ben Wilson is the CEO and Luke Beeston the General Manager (Australia) of HSE Global: Both have rich backgrounds in safety management and consult to many of this country’s leading organisations on safety management and are experts on the ISO:45001 safety standards, critical risk management, wellbeing and safety leadership.

HSE Global are a leading Australian health, safety & environmental advisory firm that also run the Global Safety Index (GSI) for safety input & output measures for organisations.