Access recording of Sourcing Beyond China

Webinar conducted 27th May 2021


Australia’s open economy and integrated global supply chains imply that getting the balance right between risk and cost is not easy. Cost reduction pressures often drive procurement decisions that generate ‘savings’ but increase risk. The past year has shown up many examples of poor past choices. Moreover, the world has changed fundamentally – protracted economic fallout, travel restrictions, ongoing supply chain disruptions, reduced supplier visibility, and many new uncertainties. In this environment, business as usual is not an option and, for many companies across industries, fundamental supply chain choices must be revisited, i.e. ‘buy vs make’ decisions; offshoring, re-shoring, near-shoring and onshoring; and the different supplier engagement models. All this in a dynamic and increasingly complex global environment. We will explore these topics, evaluating the risk/cost trade-offs, and also touch on:

  • Global risk landscape and implications for astute supply chain leaders
  • Strategic and tactical approaches under uncertainty
  • Emerging supply markets & clusters
  • Category choices for global sourcing
  • Capabilities and skills for global procurement teams