The 4th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX

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The 4th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX
11th & 12th October 2016
Crown Promenade, Melbourne

Event Overview

The 4th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX will be the largest event for the procurement profession in the region this year. The programme is designed to cater to all procurement professionals, whether managing direct or indirect expenditure, providing a single event to bring together and unite the professional procurement community in one place at one time.

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We know the world of procurement is changing. While the savings imperative will never go away, organisations are increasingly looking to their procurement functions to deliver value in so many other ways, in areas from supplier driven innovation, to managing a multitude of diverse supply side risks and revenue generation.

PASA has announced 2016 as “The Year of Entrepreneurial Procurement” and this will also be the main theme for the Premier ConfeX. The theme focuses on encouraging new thinking and the development of new skills and attributes in professionals working in both the buy and supply sides as they seek to extract greater value for their organisations. In a rapidly changing world where we hear so much about disruption, volatility, complexity and risk, where we are less certain than ever before, where the call for procurement to step up to the plate and deliver real strategic value grows ever louder, the time has never been better for procurement, and their colleagues working for their suppliers, to become more entrepreneurial.

Click here to read more about the Entrepreneurial Theme

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Among the activities that we have planned for the year that align directly with the theme are the launch of ‘Entrepreneurial Procurement of the Year Awards’ for individuals, their organisations, and their suppliers. The awards will be presented at the 4th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX.

Click here for further details on the Awards.

Conference Programme

The programme will feature high-level keynote presentations, case studies from awards finalists, a multi-stream seminars programme and round-table discussion sessions, providing both buyers and suppliers with the best learning and networking opportunities of the year.


Development of the programme will commence shortly, so if you are interested in a sponsorship position that provides you with a speaking opportunity or hosting a round-table discussion session, then please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

To discuss which sponsorship opportunities would be best for you contact:confex

Vanessa Preece
T. 07 5644 0506


Nigel Pretty
T. 07 5644 0510

Call For Speakers

With the theme of ‘Entrepreneurial Procurement’ the Premier ConfeX will explore not only new and innovative ideas and case studies, but also how we develop the necessary traits, both as individuals and organisations, to thrive as ‘entrepreneurs’ or ‘intraprenuers’.speaker confex

We are keen to hear from both the buy and supply sides of the market if you think you have an interesting story to tell or viewpoint to communicate that would align with the theme and assist procurement professionals to drive innovation and value for their organisation.

So get your thinking caps on. What do you have to offer that could help the professional procurement community in their quest to become procurement entrepreneurs?

If you have an idea you would like to put forward please contact:

Nigel Wardropper
07 5549 1094