PODCAST: Procurement’s “hour of change and challenge”


Most of the improvements procurement has achieved over time have been incremental. And while there is nothing wrong with incremental change, the challenges presented by today’s economy and global supply disruptions demand more.

This is procurement’s “hour of change and challenge” as J.F.K. said in the famous speech quoted above. In this podcast, The Art of Procurement explains the mission to 10X the impact of procurement. 

During the last 20 years or so, procurement has operated within a narrow band of capabilities and strategies. And while we have certainly had to contend with external limiting factors, many of the guardrails that constrain us are ones that we put in place for ourselves.

If procurement wants to reach the next level, we have to break free from those guardrails and break down traditional notions of what procurement is and what we can deliver to the business. 

In this special podcast, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner share the philosophy behind 10X:

  • where did the idea originate, and how is the Art of Procurement team holding themselves to a 10X standard on a daily basis?
  • what are the six principles that we must balance in order to achieve the mission’s end goal?
  • how are we challenging the Art of Procurement community and our brand partners to join us on the mission? 

Listen  to the Art of Procurement Podcast. 


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