Building procurement capability development with agile


There’s no such thing as too agile.

That’s according to The Hackett Group which has revealed procurement strategies for businesses seeking to move their procurement tools to the cloud and develop procurement technology success and expertise.

Procurement automation is becoming crucial for saving costs, minimizing risk, and creating flexibility to deal with disruption.

Hackett suggests making certain improvements to  procurement processes, businesses can ultimately:

  • prepare for supply chain disruption and external risk
  • switch to back-up suppliers swiftly and efficiently
  • transition procurement team members to new roles

“All procurement organizations recognize the need to improve agility and flexibility in their processes, starting with consolidating business applications (e.g., the use of source-to-settle suites), moving applications to the cloud, and developing technology expertise within the function,” Hackett says.

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Hackett says when done well, the best service design best practices are establishing end-to-end value-stream process design and utilizing customer-centric design tools. This in turn, is raising the stocks of procurement in the organisation.

“By implementing these changes, procurement teams aim to increase their flexibility when facing external disruptions (competitive, geopolitical, regulatory or otherwise), which in turn increases their value to the company,” Hackett says.

“With new e-procurement technology and service design practices, procurement leaders can prepare their organizations for any eventuality.”

Download the whitepaper: Building an Agile Procurement Organisation.

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