Is a ‘Great Reshuffle’ on the way in sustainable procurement?


As pressure mounts on companies and procurement to step up efforts to build a more sustainable and equitable future demand is growing for “green skills.”

First we heard of the ‘Great Resignation’ whereby professionals were jumping ship to begin employment elsewhere and gain better perks and wages boosts. In procurement, recruiters have told PASA competitiveness for procurement jobs has risen considerably – and companies are battling to prevent their current crop from turning their heads. 

LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report 2022 indicates a massive shift is taking place in the global economy and there’s a “historic transformation” in how people work, why they work and where they work.

LinkedIn has badged the shift the “Great Reshuffle”, an unprecedented moment in history where the world of work is being reimagined. 

The Global Green Skills Report 2022 provides data on green skills and jobs from all across the world. 

What does this mean for procurement? Those three letters being uttered more and more in companies aren’t going away: “ESG” – Environment and Social Corporate Governance. 

And evidence from the Hackett Group shows supporting corporate sustainability goals is a top agenda item for procurement as PASA reported earlier this year. 

But there’s a key factor on the horizon with achieving these goals for – more people with green skills. 

“The scale of change required to achieve a green economy and meet ambitious EU and global climate change targets, means we need to think about sustainable skills in all jobs and all sectors,” said Sue Duke, Head of Global Public Policy at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn reports of a shift to green skills and jobs underway on its platform, which has almost 800 million global members. 

What is a green skill? Green skills are those that enable the environmental sustainability of economic activities.

“Green skills are those that enable the environmental sustainability of economic activities, such as skills in pollution mitigation and waste prevention, environmental remediation, sustainable procurement, energy generation and management,” the Linkedin report says. 

The share of green talent globally increased from 9.6% in 2015, to 13.3% so far in 2021 (a growth rate of 38.5%),” says LinkedIn. 

Jobs are a critical part of the conversation about achieving this green transition. And rightly so. 

Millions of new jobs are expected to be created globally in the next decade driven by new climate policies and commitments. 

A stark statistic which emerged from the US shows in the last five years, the number of Renewables and Environment jobs has increased by 237%. 

In comparison, Oil and Gas jobs have risen just 19%. 

Meanwhile, momentum is building for global standards in ESG as the standard-setting gains speed. 

The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) is rallying global regulators around common rules for disclosures about climate risk and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, CFO Dive reports. 

According to ISSB, the working group of regulators will meet this month and in July to craft a “global baseline” of ESG disclosure standards to be released for public comment. 

LinkedIn ANZ managing director Matt Tindale indicates that green opportunities are creating new potential for procurement to bolster skills. 

“Procurement professionals can be upskilled in the area of sustainable procurement, and … contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts,” Matt told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

“Future-focused job seekers should be looking at how they can upskill in these areas to make sure they can jump on any relevant opportunities in the [green economy]roles being created.”

Linkedin references ‘Core’ green skills (such as recycling) most directly related to these sustainability-promoting  activities and  ‘ambivalent’ green skills such as fleet management. 

LinkedIn reports green jobs accounted for 1.2% of all hires in 2021, a 50% increase from 2016 and “approaching US levels of acceleration” in green hiring.

“Australia is also the only country among the APAC 5 where green jobs’ share of total hiring has increased every year since 2016,” the report said. 

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