Going agile: A game changer for procurement


The business philosophy of agile is impacting procurement more than ever before. 

Bottom line, it makes life easier, faster – and more agile. 

Over just nine hours in three days (three hours per day), procurement professionals can get all of the agile tools they need to make an immediate impact in their business through PASA Agile. 

Graduates of PASA’s Lean Agile Procurement Certification 1 (LAP1) are seeing added benefits in their practices; streamlining once arduous multi-month, processes into just days or event weeks. 

Register now for LAP1 May 25th to 27th. 

The LAP1 training workshop and its exclusive content is offered under PASA Agile. The course methodology is centred around the work of the world class LAP Alliance co-operative based in Europe and developed since 2015. 

The content is delivered by expert facilitator Marcus Ward. 

Marcus is a leading agile business coach in Australasia and working for his own company, Twenty2 Collective. 

Graduates of LAP1 will be equipped with the ability to conduct complex procurements, unravel complexity and speed up processes effectively. Sign-up for LAP1 now. 

Watch the vlog: Lean agile explained

Benefits of lean agile procurement

The business case for lean agile procurement includes:

  1. Improved Time to Market (days/weeks – rather than months) through reducing elapsed time and self-organising.
  2. Agile allows us to better evaluate people and culture.
  3. Agile enables us to drive innovation in developing solutions.
  4. Traditional approaches are expensive in resourcing, writing, evaluating and admin. Agile can use much less procurement resource.
  5. Traditional procurement costs suppliers more, and this gets added to the cost of any solution/service in the tender process – agile costs suppliers less.
  6. Agile provides an opportunity for collaboration to ensure all parties are clear on the opportunity and each solution is comparable.

Register for Lean Agile Procurement 1

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