What is Agile Procurement – and why does it work so well post-Covid?


Can ‘Lean Agile Procurement’ solve our biggest problem – how long it all takes?

Three courses left in 2021 – all now ONLINE:

How do you buy an ERP system in 2 days? Or cut sourcing time from 9 months to 9 weeks?

Using AGILE PROCUREMENT – but how does it differ from ‘Lean Agile Procurement’ and when would each be applicable, in both a private and public sector context?

What are the exact benefits of Lean Agile Procurement?

How does it work to increase speed, drive up responsiveness & stay customer centric – without cutting corners or process?

Lean-Agile Procurement (Credential One) Workshop

Completion of this course over three mornings, with PASA AGILE LEAD Marcus Ward and PASA CEO Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, leads to the LAP credential 1 awarded by the LAP Alliance in Switzerland.

Lean-Agile Procurement (Credential One) for Government

Alternatively, join the LAP1 for Government Procurement workshop – with Mirko Kleiner and Marcus Ward in November over four afternoons.

Big Room Simulation Workshop

Also, join the BIG ROOM Simulation Workshop for one long morning on 5th November online with Marcus and JD … to pick up on the BIG ROOM from where LAP1 ends up.

By attending these LAP1 workshops you will:

  • Understand what agile and lean-agile procurement are and when they would be applicable - in both a private and public sector context.
  • Learn how to use and leverage hands-on agile techniques to conduct more effective procurement process in a more responsive way to your organisation’s needs
  • Appreciate how the LAP BIG ROOM workshop works and how it fits into a LAP procurement process
  • Become more competitive by significantly reducing procurement timeframes and driving greater innovation
  • Become a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) specialist (Credential 1)
  • Secure invitations to FREE LAP alumni meet-ups with other alumni run every two months or so by PASA AGILE

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