100 ways to reach BEST PRACTICE in 2021


Best practice keeps moving forward – are you and your team?

The pandemic has accelerated procurement innovation and best practice. So the 100 PASA CONNECT Roundtables on offer during 2021 are a great way to keep up.

Expert led peer-to-peer roundtables

PASA CONNECT is a collaborative learning approach, led by subject matter experts, and is a modern way to learn – quickly benchmarking comparative approaches to the same topics and similar challenges. It fits how managers want to manage and how staff want to learn.

Click here to view the extensive list of 2020 topics and expert presenters

Click here to view the current 2021 programme ahead

Learn BEST PRACTICE in real-time from peers & experts

Fitting short L&D sessions on compelling and relevant topics into your online diary is easy – even for busy procurement teams; some 45% of respondents in the recent PASA L & D Survey said they had the same amount of time available for training as before the crisis. With access to a broad range of topics, led by experts and attended by peers with similar needs & interests, enables your team to learn as they go. Developing the instant skills & knowledge they need to become fast experts themselves on new categories and issues.

Remote learning through PASA CONNECT

Learning remotely can be harder. People generally prefer face-to-face support – although in the recent PASA L&S Survey only 20% of respondents insist on it. Fully 80% don’t mind ONLINE training; they recognise the benefits and the ease.

All for one low annual fee …

Membership for your whole team for 12 months from sign-up can be as little as $3,000 + GST per annum for a small team. It is even transferable when staff leave or join. Why not spend a little of your training budget to meet the real-time needs of your whole team for a whole year … average attendance rates through the year mean individual L&D sessions can cost only $50 each – to learn BEST PRACTICE in real-time from peers & experts.

Procurement in practice

To learn more about the benefits of PASA CONNECT click here or contact our friendly Member Liaison Manager, Amy Barton e: amy@pasa.net.au t: 0491 741 141

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