The PASA Procurement Capability Development Survey 2020


The Covid-19 crisis has changed so much of how we live and work. And procurement has been at the epi-centre of these changes – with demands upon our discipline greater than ever.

However, we must continue to grow to meet these challenges. And to invest in Learning & Development (L&D) to avoid the risk of stalling and failing to meet the new demands of pressed stakeholders.

One of the secrets of PASA is that our programmes are developed to directly support your needs – to be as relevant and practical as possible.

This is achieved only by staying in touch with your needs and this survey is designed to help us better understand these and how they are set to change in future in a new context?

Please could you kindly take just 15 minutes or so to complete this short survey online, to help design the next wave of procurement services from PASA – it is only 20 questions or so, is mostly multiple-choice and will help us to help you. You can even skip the odd question if you feel it is not relevant to you … and the survey is open until 11th December.

This online survey can be completed anonymously or otherwise, as you wish. In any case, PASA will fully respect your private data and not share you data with anyone else.

But, if you do add in your name on your response, one lucky winner drawn by chance on 16th December 2020 will receive a ‘Nespresso Coffee Machine’ for use at home or at work – or both!

Thank you very much for your ongoing support of PASA


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