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The PASA team is sad to announce that PASA’s Founder and Managing Director, Nigel Wardropper, passed away on the weekend.

Tragically, Nigel did not survive a major heart attack on Saturday 10th October whilst walking his dogs at the beach with his wife, Lesley.

Nigel leaves behind a thriving procurement community and a growing business that will continue to deliver outstanding events and thought-leadership into the future.


It’s incredibly rare to meet an Australian or New Zealand procurement professional who doesn’t know of Nigel and Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA).

Founded in 1999 soon after Nigel and his family moved to Australia from the UK, PASA provides procurement professionals, suppliers, and suppliers of support services to procurement with unrivalled opportunities to learn, network and engage.

Nigel was also the Founder and Managing Director of BTTB Marketing, started in 1999 to provide information, education and networking opportunities to travel category managers.

PASA is best-known for its prolific conference program serving the procurement community, including general procurement events, category or topic-specific events, and sector-specific events.

PASA also provides the region’s leading online publishing platform for procurement thought-leadership, opinion, advice, comment and news, along with an increasing number of complimentary webinars.

Always striving to be at the leading edge in terms of developing new ways for procurement professionals to learn, Nigel launched PASA CONNECT in 2016. PASA CONNECT provides members with a unique and cost-effective way to come together to learn, share and network around specific topics or categories.

Undaunted by COVID-19, Nigel launched PASA AGILE in 2020 to bring agile procurement coaching, consulting and training to the Australia and New Zealand procurement communities.

Outside of work, Nigel’s biggest interest was cricket; both as a player and a coach of kids’ cricket teams.

Looking forward

After a near-fatal motorbike accident two years ago, Nigel and Lesley prepared a rigorous business continuity plan for both PASA and BTTB. This plan has been enacted. This means that it’s “business-as-usual” for PASA, which although built by Nigel, was always something that he saw as bigger than himself and was designed to continue to grow.

Within the next few weeks there are three exciting, virtual conferences that are fully planned and ready to be executed by our capable and professional team, along with an outstanding group of guests and contributors. These are:

  • The 8th PASA Premier Confex: 28th October, with focus sessions in the following days.
  • BTTB Travel 2020: 5th November, with focus sessions in the following days.
  • ProcureTech ANZ: 18th – 19th November

Led by Jonathon Dutton, our ongoing and vibrant events programme already stretches into 2021 and includes PASA CONNECT, PASA AGILE, along with online PASA TRAINING. For information about any of these offerings, please get in touch with our Partner Success Manager,

Nigel’s wife Lesley, children Lachie and Yoni, and the PASA team are thankful for the outpouring of support and condolences from well-wishers in Australia, NZ, and the United Kingdom.

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PASA (Procurement and Supply Australasia) is the leading provider of information, education and networking opportunities to procurement professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. PASA supports the largest community of engaged procurement stakeholders in the region, through its renowned series of events, publications, training, awards and PASA CONNECT membership network. PASA is a trading name of BTTB Marketing Pty Ltd. BTTB Marketing has operated under the BTTB, CIPSA Conferences and PASA names for over twenty years.

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