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Crafting your post Covid-19 procurement L&D plan
14th August 12.00 pm
The need for learning & development doesn’t stop because there is a crisis or because your organisation is slashing costs. If anything, L&D needs grow during times of stress. As procurement is again asked to do more with less. And often to address urgent needs with no consultants, contractors or new recruits to help. So how do you address your L&D needs more strategically; and slash budget at the same time?
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The Outlook and Challenges for Business Travel discussed by a Panel of Experts
19th August 2.00 pm
Travel will need active management again in the near future. Volumes will be down but the risks and complexities will be greater. Travel managers should arm themselves with knowledge. In this webinar, four experts will speak frankly about the scenarios, challenges, risks and opportunities that lie ahead.
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How to buy SAFETY … today and tomorrow
26th August 12.00 pm
How do you buy safety in future? What are the standards at work? What does best practice look like? The real Do’s and Dont’s of today? And how do we need to BUY safety differently for different things – goods v services v contractors on site? And what standards should we benchmark to and measure contractor safety performance against?
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Using Process & Technology to Reduce Legal Spend
1st September 3.00pm
As costs come under pressure, extracting maximum value from external legal spend is more vital than ever. Traditional procurement processes and purchasing systems simply aren’t effective in the legal category, and this webinar will explore why this is the case and share proven solutions that combine processes and technology to maximise value and provide oversight and control.
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Reassessing your supply chain RISK – post Covid-19
9th September 12.00pm
Recent high profile supply disruptions during the crisis have cast a critical light on the industry’s approach to supply chain risk. We now need to continue to deliver maximum procurement efficiency but with the added challenge of delivering a robust and resilient supply line – tasks that might be traditionally viewed as mutually exclusive.
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