Procurement in times of COVID-19: What has changed?


Is procurement spearheading your organisation’s response to COVID-19?
What has changed in your priorities in the past three months?

Our research this year focuses on how Australian procurement teams are impacted by COVID-19. We want to understand what those changes are and how procurement functions across Australia are dealing with the challenges ahead.

As things are moving fast, we decided to conduct three surveys throughout the year. The first one was in March, this is the second instalment and the third will follow in September.

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Anyone can participate, even if you’ve missed the first survey. There are only 10 questions to answer in less than 5 minutes!

We value your help with this research and we will:

  • share our results with you and how they compare to the pre-COVID results collected from 90 organisations last year
  • as a ‘thank you’ we will donate $5 for each completed questionnaire. Our charity partner this year is Women’s Community Shelters.If you have any questions, please use the following details to get in touch.

And in case you’ve missed the results from the March survey, they were published here

If you have any questions, please use the following details to get in touch

Dr Stefan Gassner
Procurement Practice Lead
Grosvenor Procurement Advisory
t: +61 2 8274 9200

Nigel Wardropper
Managing Director


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