Procurement Under Quarantine


ProcureConEU’s new report provides you with the latest insights on how global companies are adjusting their procurement strategies. 

The clinical, logistical, and social challenges imposed by the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are being felt by organisations in every sector of commercial life.

With lockdowns imposed on more than three billion people in almost 70 countries, supply chain strategies are having to adapt in order to support the economy and those who have been affected by the coronavirus. We’ve compiled a few case studies to help Procurement professionals like you better understand how the industry has been coping with the pandemic.

This includes:

  • Google and other tech giants are moving operations out of china
  • Airbnb: adapting to a new COVID-19 business model, and keeping hosts and guests informed
  • Alibaba: providing COVID-19 crisis managers with prevention and treatment consultation, a digital platform, and essential resources
  • Netflix: advice on coping during the pandemic, and adjusting network capacity to cope with COVID-19 demand
  • Shell: maintaining supplies for essential services, 3D printing protective face masks, and offering advice for COVID-19 crisis management
  • Uber: free rides and deliveries for workers, enhanced grocery delivery, and greater assistance for drivers
  • Disney: donations of food and protective gear, and using its media networks to keep viewers informed
  • Where CPOs and procurement executives from the world’s biggest companies ready their business for Covid-19 impact.

Download the full report here.

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