PODCAST: The Value of Digital Procurement in the Manufacturing Sector


Guest:  Sundar Kamak

Despite their reliance upon legacy systems, manufacturers are all about efficiency. This, combined with the pain caused by those same legacy systems, is finally starting to build momentum for procurement digitalization – especially among larger manufacturers.
Sundar Kamak is the Global Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Ivalua, and his background in manufacturing is largely concentrated in the aerospace and automotive industries. In this podcast, he shares his perspective on the move towards digital procurement in the manufacturing space as well as the overall trends he has observed.
Sundar provides additional insight on topics such as:

  • The limitations of ERP systems in the face of inter-enterprise collaboration projects
  • Going beyond balancing cost, quality and supply assurance to drive competitive advantage
  • Closing the gap between product development and strategic sourcing, especially in the case of direct materials
  • The continuing movement away from the use of Excel in favor of increased speed and collaboration

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