Three Reasons Why Awards Are Paramount In Procurement


We’re coming up to awards season at PASA! It’s an exciting time of year, but for those suffering from “awards fatigue”, it’s worth pausing to consider why awards are so important for the profession. Essentially, awards help address the talent gap, drive innovation and can help build procurement’s influence.

1. Awards help address the talent gap

A procurement team that has been recognised for its achievements is more likely to attract top talent, because potential candidates who are considering working at your organisation will be reassured by these accolades. Similarly, workforce retention is improved because winning awards can provide an important morale boost for employees. Procurement needs more role models; masters of their trade that early-career professionals will seek to emulate and learn from. Awards are a key way to identify and celebrate these role models.

2. Awards drive innovation

Awards are not won by procurement teams that do things the same way as everybody else. Almost without exception, the winners belong to teams that deliberately take an innovative approach to solving common challenges. Organisations (including PASA) that publish details of winning submissions provide the rest of the profession with an opportunity to find out about these innovative solutions, and learn from the best. It’s no accident that PASA’s award theme this year is “Breaking the Mould”.

3. Awards boost influence

Procurement’s age-old challenge – grappling with a lack of influence in the organisation – is a problem that has to be tackled on many fronts, but awards can be a significant help in this respect. A win for an individual or team can have the effect of instantly boosting procurement’s credibility, visibility and recognition within the organisation. Accolades can also serve as a way to reinforce that the strategic direction you’ve taken is the correct one.

None of this will happen, however, if the winning team fails to properly broadcast their achievement. Tips for doing so include:

  • Announce the win in your company newsletter (internal) and press release (external).
  • Amplify the announcement via social media.
  • Use the award logo in your bio, email signature or even on business cards.

Convinced? Learn how to nominate for the PASA Procurement Awards below.

The PASA Procurement Awards identify and recognise organisations who have demonstrated excellence to drive new value for their organisation.

Providing fascinating snapshots of progressive projects and organisations, the finalists will be invited to pitch their submission to the audience at the PASA Premier ConfeX on 8th & 9th October 2019, with the audience deciding the winners through online voting.

Buyer Award

The buyer award will continue the tradition of being positioned around our theme for the year. In 2019 the theme is ‘Breaking the Mould’.

The 2019 award will therefore be for ‘Best example of non-traditional procurement’.

This award is open to the procurement team based in Australia/New Zealand that demonstrates the best example of ‘Breaking the mould’ through use of non-traditional procurement methods. The award is designed to highlight and recognise procurement projects where there has been a demonstrably new, unique or non-traditional approach taken.

In assessing the award, the judges will be considering elements such as:

  • The complexity of the project
  • The business context
  • The stakeholder issues/challenges and their management through the project
  • The outcome and how this met the needs of key stakeholders
  • The ingenuity involved in designing the approach

Download the nomination form here.

Supplier Award – Discontinued

After much deliberation, we have decided not to conduct the supplier award in 2019. Having reviewed the previous two years supplier awards, we feel that it is very difficult to position the award in a sufficiently meaningful way to persist with it. We will keep this under review for future years and welcome any suggestions on how to specify a meaningful award. By meaningful award, we mean one that doesn’t just exist for the sake of existing (as we feel you see with many awards). It must recognise a specific value-add, and through the awards process, highlight examples that are of benefit to the entire professional procurement community.

The Nomination Process

For all Awards, there is a simple nomination form to complete which is broken down into 3 sections:

  • Section 1 – person/organisation details
  • Section 2 – A written submission of no more than 2000 words detailing how you/your organisation has demonstrated success in your chosen award category (the nomination form guides you through this process).
  • Section 3 – Any relevant additional information

Nominating Made Easy

Your written submission will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The panel of judges will be announced shortly. Judging of written submissions will be content-driven and judges will not be swayed by presentation format, layout or extraneous information.Only the first 2,000 words of your submission will be considered, so please ensure that all vital information that you would like the judges to take into consideration is included.This is not an essay-writing contest! You are welcome to use bullet points – as long as judges can make sense of what is submitted.The content of your submission will be treated in confidence. We will not publish any elements of your submission without first receiving your written authority to do so.


Finalists for this Award will be notified by Monday 13th September and will receive an invitation to ‘pitch’ their submission to the audience at The 7th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX on 8th & 9th October at Hyatt Place, Melbourne.

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