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Earlier this month, boutique consulting firm Single Cell and source-to-contract software, Progenitor relaunched as a consolidated single new identity and master brand, Portt.

This source-to-contract provider is turn key, cloud-based with a rapid-deployment model – which may well explain why its being so well received.

Portt is an intelligent sourcing, contract and supplier management platform designed to enable the strategic potential of any businesses procurement team.

Designed for the modern enterprise, the Portt platform takes sourcing activities and supplier contracts and transforms them into strategic business assets.

Port’s platform is customer centric and has been specifically purposed to address the strategic needs facing companies today – and build for tomorrow.

“Over the past six months we have undertaken a thorough review of our market positioning and strategy, the culmination of which has led to the decision to pivot our brand strategy to one that better encapsulates our mission and what we are about,” says Chris Holmes, Co-CEO and Founder, Portt.

“Our mission is to be the technology of choice for value-adding teams that earn stakeholder respect by optimising supplier relationships, heightening transparency, gathering metrics to report on success and ultimately unearthing procurement’s strategic potential.”

There were several factors behind the change, including: 

  • Remove brand confusion through consolidating of product and company brands into one master identity
  • Develop a unique identity rooted in procurement (without restricting evolution as a product company)
  • Achieve an identity that cements Portt’s position firmly as a cutting edge, innovative technology company
  • Creatively convey key technical, functional & emotional benefits of the Portt product and customer experience
  • Unearth an identity that will scale globally and be memorable

The re-brand includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications and strategic messaging. While the company name will change, that will be the only current material difference, with a complete user-interface overhaul scheduled for this calendar year.

“With our major customers and partners, including Microsoft, in full support – there will be a noticeable ramp-up in our marketing and communications to support the aggressive growth targets we are pursuing,” says Holmes. “We are extremely proud of our journey as Single Cell and Progenitor, and we look forward to achieving massive successes, as Portt.”

Brand and Purpose-led Software – Crystallising the ‘why?’

“In the software space widgets that do ‘stuff’ better than their next competitor are rising to the surface rapidly. Products are generally developed initially to solve a ‘gap-in-the-market’ or for the ‘here-and-now’. The evolution of a products’ features tend to be customer-led requests or in many cases, due to not securing a piece of business – both important considerations in developing a great product,” continues Holmes.

“Great products are everywhere and while the consumer’s systems choice widens daily, the margin of differentiation grows narrower, which is precisely why being a brand purpose led organisation energises us daily.”

Portt’s product features, road-map and service philosophies are fed by the desire to ‘Streamline the necessary, unlock the opportunities and realise the outcomes’ while the brand purpose points directly to granting enterprise procurement ‘The freedom to be strategic’

“We want to stand for something bigger than what we sell, to be recognised for supporting and enabling the transformation of the procurement sector as a whole,” says Holmes. “Price, product quality and customer experience are important attributes, but our competitive advantage comes in demonstrating how committed we are to our purpose.”

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