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Research shows that the average human attention span is no longer than eight (8) seconds and it’s getting worse. This is down from 12 seconds when first measured by Microsoft in 2000. So, to put this into perspective – when it comes to memory – human beings are typically worse than goldfish.

Combine this startling statistic with a proliferation of distractions, including smart phones, tablets, mobile devices, headphones and video games and you can soon understand the difficulties in getting anyone at work to pay attention.

Enter Ed App and the tech entrepreneur leading a mobile revolution in workplace training, Darren Winterford.

The mobile-first technology company facilitates more than 35,000 micro work lessons every day. The platform offers global companies, across all industries, a more effective way to onboard, motivate, and train employees.

Mr Winterford said his technology provided easy to understand, bite sized chunks of workplace information that people can actually remember – and stay one step ahead of goldfish.

“Technology has changed the way people consume content. Traditional methods of training and onboarding employees are simply no longer effective,” he said.

“Given 80 per cent of smartphones never leave a person’s side, companies are discovering that mobile-first learning is now the most effective way to engage employees.

“The days of excruciating on boarding seminars and day long workshops are over. Mobile learning is what employees expect and we’re delivering. When it comes to getting people at work to remember important pieces of information, it’s definitely a case of less is more. If people can only literally remember something for a few seconds – it’s pointless to try anything else.”

Mr Winterford said over the last 12 months, the platform had grown exponentially, and now facilitated more than 35,000 lessons daily for leading global companies like Mercedes Benz, Mars, Eli Lilly, Honda, Shell, Pandora and Castrol and Safety Culture.

“Business growth has been driven by the millennial workforce, which was currently the largest market segment (35 per cent of employees in the US), increased smartphone penetration, and an improved understanding of what effective workplace training looks like,” he said.

Ed App’s microlearning platform allows customers to combine a mix of fully interactive and engaging templates, video learning and gamification to reinforce key concepts and message retention. It’s aims to triple its users on the platform and become the global standard for mobile based microlearning in the workplace and across all industries.


About Ed App
Ed App is an Australian technology company that offers a unique mobile-first learning management system designed for today’s digital habits. It delivers engaging and effective on demand micro-lessons directly to users devices, anytime, anywhere. Founded by Darren Winterford, Ed App offers clients a mobile-first learning solution that uses micro-learning with gamification, breaking up content into easy digestible bite sized pieces and then reinforced with engaging games and rewards.

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