The Influence Of On-Demand Apps On Business


Author: Catherine Metcalf

On-demand apps continue to grow in popularity. The numbers confirm it. In 2015, the on-demand economy was worth $22 billion. That number grew to $34 billion in 2016. The upward trend has continued dramatically since then.

It makes sense that consumers would adopt these products enthusiastically. Data reveals that 77% of Americans have smartphones now. Thus, many customers have easy access to on-demand apps. With major successes like Uber demonstrating how these programs can provide tremendous convenience, it’s no surprise that more people want to enjoy the kind of immediate service these apps provide.

These are important points for entrepreneurs and developers to keep in mind. It’s possible to make the argument that on-demand apps may be reshaping the overall business world as we know it. Being proactive and taking advantage of these shifts now is smart. You simply need to understand what makes on-demand apps appealing to customers before releasing one.

Personalize Your Service

Personalization is a major factor. Increased personalization has been linked to increased revenue for companies. That’s why the best on-demand apps offer it. Understanding this point gives you an opportunity to distinguish your product from the competition.

After all, there are currently plenty of on-demand apps available. You might not be able to find a niche that hasn’t been filled yet. What you can do, however, is improve upon an existing app idea by creating one that offers a greater degree of personalized service.

Increased Convenience

On-demand apps are also popular with customers because they simply reduce the friction between them and the services they may already use. For example, plenty of food delivery app users would place orders by calling restaurants before technology made the process easier. These apps don’t exactly offer a new service. Instead, they exist to make existing ones more convenient.

This is a point worth considering if you currently run a business. There’s a good chance you could develop an app that offers your services to customers much more efficiently than ever before.

This will help you please your current customers, while also attracting more new business. Again, the numbers back this up. Restaurants that have partnered with food delivery apps have seen substantial increases in revenue as a result of doing so.

Whether you’re a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, the on-demand economy represents a massive opportunity. Take advantage of it by partnering with qualified developers now to bring your app idea to life.

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