Qantas Wins Global Hackathon With “The Wallaby” Travel Concierge Innovation


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In the competitive travel industry, partnerships foster innovation and growth. They are critical for business success. That is why in the last few years Amadeus, leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry has been working with a wide range industry players with a shared vision.

Amadeus’ Digital Experience Suite has been designed for the industry in this context. The suite will provide an open platform and include a marketplace where Amadeus, airlines, and third party providers can create, store, or modify experiences for reuse and resale to other platform users. Amadeus’ aim is to allow distributed innovation across the industry using the skills of airlines, third parties and Amadeus. This will help airlines to differentiate their own business with a high speed to market. The first package of its suite – Developer Toolkit – includes a set of REST/JSON APIs and developer frameworks that are fit to the web and mobile app channels. This suite was used during Amadeus’ first digital experience hackathon organized in June 2018.

Amadeus invited expert teams from airlines across the world to a three-day hackathon in Nice, France. They competed to deliver the most innovative digital experience for travelers, using the Digital Experience Suite technology.

The winner of this hackathon was the Qantas team, who showed how the Amadeus Digital Experience Suite can empower travelers. They developed a pilot intelligence platform called The Wallaby, which aims to provide personalized experiences across various digital touchpoints including social media. Based on the knowledge of a customer’s travel behavior, the team built a mobile web application that was able to anticipate future travel, pre-determine a complete itinerary, and other details like seat preference and payment method.

The Qantas team demonstrated how Amadeus technology could be integrated with a chatbot and personal assistant via Amazon Alexa. The Wallaby acted like a hub that not only understood the customer’s travel patterns, but also recognized when it’s appropriate to engage a customer with a flight offer and the best channel to use.

The team’s cutting-edge solution addresses a well-known challenge in the airline industry: the need to personalize offers across all digital touchpoints. This starts with understanding behavior and predicting what customers need before they begin the booking process. This is exactly what the Qantas team achieved. By integrating the Amadeus Digital Experience Suite with technology platforms like Amazon Alexa, they created opportunities to enrich the traveler experience and to upsell tailored and relevant offers through the right channels at the right time.

Amadeus says that exploring solutions like this is a testament to how it’s working together with airline customers to innovate and create better customer journeys.



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