FREE WEBINAR – Next-Gen Leadership: 3 Steps for Leaders to Build Trust More Efficiently


FREE WEBINAR – Next-Gen Leadership: 3 Steps for Leaders to Build Trust More Efficiently, Friday 17 August, 12.00pm AEST

As a procurement leader, one of your most critical roles is to gain the trust of your peers and your direct reports, so that they do their best work.

If you’re looking for new insights on how to improve collaboration and support your team to perform at higher levels, you’re going to love this FREE webinar.

Marie-Claire Ross is the CEO and founder of Trustologie who has worked with PASA on numerous occasions. She has some really interesting insights and frameworks to help leaders build trust first in order to inspire others, foster innovation and generate employee contributions.

She is offering a complimentary webinar to all of our members and we’re delighted to be able to offer you a spot.

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Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:

  • Why the future requires leaders and employees to shift how they work and interact together.
  • 5 Trust Decelerators that sabotage your results and slow down trust building.
  • 3 leadership tools to how to build trust straight away.

If you’re frustrated with how difficult it is to improve accountability or speed up decision-making, that’s a sign you NEED to be on this webinar. It’s time to start learning some strategies to make your life easier.

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Nigel Wardropper
Managing Director, PASA

PS: When you register for the webinar, you’ll also get access to a free 1-Page Leadership Action Plan – a key tool to enhance your leadership abilities.

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