Out with the old, in with the new


Tired of procurement conferences trotting out the same old speakers on the same old topics?

Quite right too. Most of the procurement conferences in the last few years in the NZ market have been very much same old, same old. The same topics getting trotted out by the same old speakers.

Well PASA is here to change all that!

The programme for the first PASA general procurement conference in NZ since early 2014 addresses the question of how procurement must improve it’s customers experience if it is to thrive.

But ‘what has customer experience got to do with procurement’ you might ask?

We have recognised for some time now that procurement is a service function, with the customers for our services being our internal stakeholders and suppliers. Their experience in dealing with procurement governs their thinking in relation to procurement.

How often do we hear the complaint that internal stakeholders don’t appreciate procurement, or value the service we bring them? How often do we hear of suppliers attempting to bypass procurement? Far too often would be the answer in most organisations.

At the PASA NZ Confex you will have the chance to hear and learn from organisations such as Xero, Watercare Services and the NZ Housing Corporation who are focussed on, and succeeding in, delivering great customer service. What’s more, all of these are (to our knowledge) first-time speakers at a New Zealand procurement conference.

So out with the old and in with the new. Join us on 1st and 2nd August in Auckland for new thinking and new viewpoints that will help you deliver outstanding experiences to your customers

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