HACKETT: Global Business Services Performance Study Highlights


The Hackett Group’s latest piece of publicly-available research is a three-page infographic offering highlights from the 2018 Global Business Services (GBS) Performance Study.

In the digital era, the GBS talent profile is significantly changing. Digital savvy professionals are hard to find and expensive to hire.

Executives must be prepared to manage the significant implications for talent or they risk losing some of the potential value of increasingly digital operations.

This makes the research relevant to all business services functions that are now utilizing GBS and shared services, including IT, finance, procurement, and human resources.

The infographic includes metrics and information on these and other topics:

  • Digital transformation G&A cost saving opportunity
  • Digital transformation capability gap
  • Fast-growing risks for GBS organizations
  • Change drivers in the GBS talent profile
  • Key GBS skills initiatives to drive digital transformation success

Keen to know more? The infographics are available here: http://go.poweredbyhackett.com/cgbsp-digital-1805w


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