PODCAST: How Vodafone is Pioneering a New Approach for Supplier Enabled Innovation


Guests: Warrick Cramer, CEO, Vodafone Tomorrow Street, Mark Perera, CEO, Old St Labs

“Don’t underestimate the procurement function, what you do, and just how powerful your function is in terms of making change within your own organization, and making that difference because you’ve got a lot more power and a lot more strategic maneuverability than you probably ever realized”  Warrick Cramer

I have long admired Vodafone as being a pioneer in both embracing and supporting supplier enabled innovation and last year Vodafone partnered with the government of Luxembourg to launch what I believe is an innovative approach to working with smaller, growing, companies that they named Tomorrow Street.

I wanted to learn more about Vodafone’s approach, and so I invited Warrick Cramer, the CEO of Tomorrow Street, and Mark Perera, the CEO of Old St Labs and a Tomorrow Street partner, to join me on the show.

On launching Tomorrow Street, Warrick shared how he had a blank piece of paper in terms of where to position it within the Vodafone organization. I really enjoyed learning why he chose to partner with procurement, and the opportunity that he sees for procurement in facilitating and delivering supplier enabled innovation.

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