PODCAST: How to Build a Third-Party Risk Program that is Fit for Purpose


Guest: Linda Tuck Chapman, President, ONTALA

What do procurement professionals need to know about risk? What can pro’s working in non-regulated industries learn from how regulated industries approach third party risk management?

Those are just two of the questions I asked today’s guest, Linda Tuck Chapman.

An experienced consultant and former Chief Procurement Officer at three major banks, Linda is widely recognized as a leading expert in third party risk management, governance and optimization. I have seen Linda present on many occasions, and her perspective and advice have always resonated with me. As you may know, I have been heavily involved in the development and launch of third party risk management programs and have always viewed this is somewhat of a blind spot for procurement, particularly in non-regulated industries, and indirect categories of spend.

In our discussion, I began by exploring Linda’s habits and fundamental beliefs that have shaped her career to date before jumping into our conversation on risk management.



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