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It looks like we’ll have to add another category to our PASA Awards this year for “Quickest Bounceback”. And our very own Nigel Wardropper, MD at PASA, is an early contender to win it.

Nigel was seriously injured in a motorbike accident just a few weeks ago, landing him in intensive care with fractured vertebrae, ribs, sternum and eye-socket, as well as some bleeding on the brain. After emergency surgery and four days in an induced coma in intensive care, Nigel was woken and after a couple of days moved to an orthopedic ward. With most concerns being around the head injury and bleeding on the brain, we were mightily relieved to hear that Nigel had started arguing with nurses and doctors and complaining about the food, sure signs that he was on the mend!

Fast forward just a couple of weeks and we’re delighted to confirm that he’s back on board at btTB/PASA from today.

General Manager, Lesley Wardropper says, “He’s back on board as of today, he’ll only be doing an hour or so a a day to begin. He’s already talking about coming to our 4th Annual Aged Care procurement conference on 18th &19th April in Melbourne, but I’m saying, ‘one step at a time’. He is still struggling with pain management and sleep and as a result may just find it all harder than he realizes”.

Nigel says, “We’ll see about that. The next couple of months is a very busy time for PASA/btTB and I want to be as involved as I usually am. However, I also recognize that I can’t do everything I might like to. A big thanks to Lesley and the team for picking up the slack after my accident. I guess I owe it to them not work myself into a relapse! While I’m on, a big thank you also to all of you who have sent me your good wishes. Apologies for not responding personally to each of you, but I have been struggling to do much the last few weeks.”

Let’s hope he is fit to participate fully in the PASA/btTB conferences and the PASA Connect network for the rest of the year, but for today, Nigel is home, walking around – and we’re thrilled to have him back so soon!

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