PODCAST: Food for Thought: Challenging Our Procurement Assumptions


Guest: Philip Ideson, Palambridge

“It is in the reflecting, exploring, learning and sharing – and not being afraid to challenge those things to which we instinctively pursue, react or behave – that offer us an opportunity to really change the game.” – Philip Ideson

In the episode this week, I want to talk a little bit about the idea of stepping back and challenging things that we do every day, or the things that have become “generally accepted procurement thinking”. I won’t be seeking to suggest we are doing things wrong, or that things need to be fixed. No, my intent is to help us all, collectively, get our creative juices flowing! I kick things off by challenging three of our commonly held beliefs and strategies: supplier consolidation, high spend equals high importance, and that our stakeholders have seek to avoid, rather than collaborate, with procurement.


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