Millennials Say Upskilling = More Money; Baby Boomers Less Optimistic


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Upskilling keeps you relevant and employable in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s rapid rate of workplace change, but a survey by recruiting experts Hays shows the majority (71%) of Millennials also believe it should lead to a salary increase.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and rapidly gaining ground,” says Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand. “Many job responsibilities are changing in response to artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and cloud computing while technology is also increasing how fast our knowledge and skills are becoming outdated.

“We all know we need to consistently upskill to stay relevant and employable, but some generations are more likely than others to think they should be financially compensated for their learning through a higher salary in the long run,” he said.

According to Hays’s survey of 1,253 professionals, 5% said upskilling leads to a salary increase immediately, with 54% believing it will have financial benefits long-term. However, 35% said upskilling does not lead to a salary increase but instead serves to keep their skills employable. The final 6% were unsure.

A generational breakdown of these findings shows 71% of Millennials believe upskilling will lead to a higher salary in the long term. Only 56% of Generation X and 40% of Baby Boomers agree.

Instead, 50% of Baby Boomers say continuous learning keeps them employable.

Regardless of your view, Nick says upskilling is essential to remaining employable in today’s world of work. “Accelerating technological advancements mean staying still will see you become obsolete. Identify your skill gaps and take action. Say yes to new opportunities and don’t silo yourself,” he advises.

Do you think upskilling yourself will lead to a salary increase?

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Hays surveyed 951 employers and 1,253 professionals in Australia & New Zealand.


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