HACKETT: Robotic Process Automation – A Reality Check & Route Forward


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The Hackett Group has released new research this week. The thought leadership paper focuses on robotic process automation and provides a road map for successful navigation. It also looks at accelerating automation opportunities to achieve significant performance improvement.

Executive summary:

Over the past few years, robotic process automation (RPA) has become a dominant theme of back-office performance improvement.

While early initiatives have produced some tangible successes, many organizations have yet to scale their use of RPA to a level that is making a major impact on performance.

Despite its relative ease of implementation compared to many enterprise technology solutions, RPA has come with a greater-than-expected learning curve.

The Hackett Group’s most recent research shows that, while current RPA adoption remains low, that will change over the next two to three years.

This paper provides insight for executives as they look ahead, highlighting the importance of carefully assessing automation opportunities, building dedicated RPA capabilities and approaching RPA as part of a broader smart-automation platform for the future.

Download The Hackett Group’s thought leadership paper to gain insight about:

  • Ingredients for RPA success, based on the experience of early adopters
  • Barriers that prevent businesses from maximizing value of automation
  • Three keys to expanding RPA deployment beyond the pilot stage
  • Where RPA fits in the future of smart automation landscape

Download link: http://go.poweredbyhackett.com/rpar1803sm


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