PART 3: Procurement In The Future – The Triple Bottom Line: Understanding The Sustainability Agenda


Author: Ben Shute FCIPS, CEO, Comprara

PART 3 of a 4-part series running through December on the challenges facing procurement. Read part one, which looked at how automation is changing roles, here. And part two: ‘From Procurement To Three-Pronged Management’ here.


The triple bottom line includes judging the impact of organisational actions on society and on the environment, in addition to the traditional financial consideration.

While the concept is not new, there is increased focus on corporate responsibility.

It is very likely that the job descriptions for chief procurement officers and senior managers in the future will include sustainability strategies.

The sustainability agenda isn’t just about being “green”. Sustainability is about socially and ethically responsible purchasing, minimising environmental impact through the supply chain and delivering economically sound solutions.

Sustainable procurement is about achieving a balance between the three pillars: people planet and profit.

Some methods through which procurement can aim to achieve sustainability are by attempting to reduce costs through saving water and energy, promoting the re-use of products and recycling, and by attempting to minimise packaging and transportation throughout the supply chain.

The sustainability agenda is very much the type of non-automatable supply chain management that will keep human procurement professionals a step ahead of automation – but only if the human in question has the right skills.


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Ben Shute FCIPS, is a thought leader and CEO of Comprara, a consulting business that has led the market in the development of capability and capacity diagnostic applications.

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