PODCAST: Sourcing Optimization is About Visibility, Not Complexity


Guest: Alan Holland, Founder & CEO, Keelvar Systems

It’s not that AI has made any massive advances in the last two or three years. It’s just that people are starting to join the dots between various subsystems in AI and come up with applications that when you take these pieces and put them together you’ve got an overall system that’s extremely powerful.

Welcome to today’s Art of Procurement interview powered by SIG.

Today’s show is part of a mini-series of six different episodes that I recorded live at the recent SIG Fall Summit in Carlsbad, California. Being a live recording, you’ll hear background noises like baristas making coffee, venue employees taping wire to the carpet, and lots of other little sounds in between. We actually had a booth set up in the main corridor of the conference venue, so you’re sure to get the atmosphere from the event from those interviews.

Today I’m delighted to be joined by Alan Holland, the founder and CEO of Keelvar. Given that Alan has a degree in computer engineering, a PhD in artificial intelligence, and has worked as a research fellow and a lecturer, he is probably one of the most qualified people in procurement to answer my first question, “What really is AI?”




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