PODCAST: The Role of Procurement in the War Against Data Security Threats


Guest: Chris Camejo, Director of Threat Intelligence, NTT Security

“If you get an organization that looks at procurement’s request for pre-contract security or penetration testing and runs away screaming, you should probably run away in the other direction and look at another option.”  Chris Camejo, Director of Threat Intelligence, NTT Security

Hi there everyone, and welcome to this week’s Art of Procurement interview, which is powered by SIG.

My guest today is Chris Camejo, the Director of Product Management and Threat Intelligence at NTT Security – probably the scariest sounding title I’ve ever had here on Art of Procurement. Chris and I connected in person at the SIG Fall Summit in Carlsbad, California, where we had an opportunity to talk about what threat intelligence means and what role procurement can play in strengthening a company’s security risk level.





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