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intelliHR, based in Brisbane, has fast been attracting attention around its world-class technology platform. It offers a new instrument within the artificial intelligence megatrend, providing businesses with cutting-edge tools to enhance performance and better understand their people.

intelliHR is the product of many years of research and consulting to enterprises of all sizes and industries. They all had two priorities in common: people and performance.

Initial research found there was no easy way for business to track real-time performance – let alone help managers lead their teams. Therefore, it was difficult for businesses to make any evidence-based or data-driven decisions.

As in, they were not able to be responsive due to a lack of real-time information. Also, they had no capabilities to be forward-looking with any confidence.

The build of intelliHR started with developing a comprehensive human capital management analytics framework. It provides a business intelligence dashboard that shows all the analytics and metrics that were important about people. Research was conducted around the world.

Cloud-based people management and data analytics platform intelliHR today announced the opening of its IPO to raise $4.5 million at an offer price of $0.30 per share.

intelliHR founder and Managing Director, Robert Bromage said the IPO was a significant milestone that would help accelerate its growth strategy and allow continued investment in world first HR technology.

“The IPO is a huge milestone for us and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, both within Australia and abroad. I believe intelliHR will be a global leader in people management technology, and this is another exciting step on that journey,” Mr Bromage said.

“The funds we are raising allow ongoing investment in our technology, including innovations such as sentiment analysis tools which we have recently launched into the platform. Through the constant development of our cutting-edge technology, we give organisations a new lens through which they can look much deeper into their business,” he said.

intelliHR Chairman Tony Bellas said the intelliHR platform is a game-changer for employers.

“This is an exciting and cost-effective solution for businesses who currently use antiquated manual systems, or use multiple, poorly integrated systems and older technology, or simply have no systems at all,” he said.

“The Board supports the vision that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based systems will become industry standard in HR management in the near future. The SaaS model lowers costs by allowing businesses to share computing resources, is more scalable and agile than traditional software models, and it is the strong preference, and increasingly the expectation, of employees. intelliHR is well positioned to capitalise on that trend,” Mr Bellas said.

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