PODCAST: Scaling the Power of Freelancers and Independent Contractors


Guest: Gene Zaino, President & CEO, MBO Partners

Today, it’s the whole new world. It’s like companies are building platforms based on using gig workers. Companies are realizing that’s where the real talent is, and individuals are finding that they have a better life. They can manage their work and life. In fact, they even feel healthier being more of an independent contractor.” – Gene Zaino

Today, I am joined by Gene Zaino, the founder and CEO of MBO Partners. MBO Partners are at the forefront of the gig or the project economy. I was delighted to welcome Gene onto the show to discuss a little bit more about the gig economy – particularly in the context of knowledge-based workers.

We discussed how organizations can start thinking about taking advantage of an on-demand workforce. And if they already are, what are some of the things that they can do to take it to the next level?

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