Premier ConfeX: Putting the power in your hands


At Premier ConfeX you will have the power to ensure that your networking experience is what you want it to be

The Problem

You know how it goes, you see the promotional blurb for a conference that tells you what a wonderful networking experience it is going to be, you go along and find that to the contrary, you spend the whole two days hanging out with people you already know.

What you really want (and need) is the opportunity to meet new people.

Similarly, you wish to have a proper look at what some of the sponsors and exhibitors have to offer, but each time you approach their booth, you find they are all already busy talking to other people.

The Solution

At the 5th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX we will be using a simple B2B meetings app that allows you to:

  • See who is attending – all delegates, both from the buy and supply sides
  • Contact them via the app to arrange a meeting
  • Be contacted by them requesting a meeting

The Outcome

Using the application you can enhance your conference experience and make best use of your time by scheduling meetings with other buyers or with participating vendors. The power will be in your hands rather than trusting to luck.

I look forward to seeing you in October,
Nigel Wardropper







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