PODCAST: The Role of Supplier Intelligence in Elevating Procurement’s Impact


Guests: Stephany Lapierre, CEO and founder of supplier intelligence platform, tealbook & Greg Tennyson, CPO of VSP
Episode Number: 147

“If you don’t come to the business with intelligence and you need time to go and find it, that is when you become the bottleneck.  When you come with intelligence, you become a valued partner.” – Stephany Lapierre, tealbook.

I am joined on the virtual sofa this week by two returning guests and friends of the pod, Greg Tennyson, the CPO of VSP, and Stephany Lapierre, CEO and founder of supplier intelligence platform, tealbook.

You may recall earlier in the summer, I mentioned that I had facilitated a number of roundtables around the US on the topic of supplier intelligence titled “Exploring the Upside of Accessible Intelligence”.

Steph accompanied me at all roundtables, and Greg chaired our session in San Francisco, so I thought I would invite them both on to the show to share some of the key insights that they walked away with – and actions that procurement executives can take – based on the collective input of over 60 procurement leaders.

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