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Debate is raging about coal and gas corporation paying what some political parties are calling their “fair share” of tax. 

In a statement, Queensland Greens’ Andrew Bartlett said, “Labor and the LNP took over $14 million in donations from fossil fuel corporations in the last 10 years, so it’s no surprise that the two old parties along with the Queensland Resource Council oppose the Greens plan to make massive coal and gas corporations pay their fair share.

“Mining corporations have spent tens of billions of dollars establishing operations in Queensland, they aren’t going to pack up and leave because they have to pay an 18.75% tax.

“The coal and gas industry accounts for just 2% of Queensland jobs and that number is falling every year as more and more mining jobs are automated.

“Coal is in terminal decline – the question for us is do we want to raise the money to help pay for a jobs-first transition – or do we want to abandon entire communities to a vicious market decline?”

The party’s key arguments are:

  • “Coal and gas corporations have been getting an easy ride for too long, it’s time they paid their fair share.”
  • “It’s not good enough for mining corporations to only pay a 7% royalty while Queenslanders’ suffer the effects of chronic levels of under spending on public infrastructure like schools and hospitals.”
  • “The extra $20 billion our plan will raise will help create hundreds of thousands of jobs in rural and regional Queensland by spending on infrastructure projects.”
  • The party asks: “Should $20 billion end up in the pockets of mining billionaires or should it be spent on affordable housing, schools, hospitals and crucial public infrastructure?”
  • “Opposition to the Green’s plan from Labor and the LNP make it very clear that there are two parties who will fight to protect massive corporations and one party who will fight to ensure Queenslanders receive some of the benefits of the last few years of coal and gas,” the statement from the party said.



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