HOW TO… Utilise 3D Printing To Make Procurement Easier


Author: Anuja Rao – for PASA

‘Time is Money’. The More You Wait, the More You Lose.
3D Printing Solves Maintenance and Spares Problems.

3D printing is really popular nowadays, and it is known for its fast and easy process. Thanks to 3D printing technology, almost all solid products can be printed successfully depends on customers’ need. In particular, mechanical, architectural, civil engineering, and electrical projects would be the most common applications in the 3D printing field.

Whenever you need to replace components for your ageing plant in a hurry, or you need a product with special requirements, these can be done by 3D printing. With 3D printing service, it can help you reduce the uncertainty about your return on investment before you procure. In this article, we will give you an overview of what 3D printing is and benefits of 3D printing services.

What is 3D printing? What can I print?

3D printing nowadays can be used to produce a wide variety of products such as gears, brake bands, tow hooks, etc. Products can be of almost any shape you want based on the design (i.e. 3D digital model). In some instances, 3D Printing process can take less time than conventional moulding in a factory. However, for high quality and risk adverse results, project governance needs to be considered as well.  For example, you may like to consider prototyping before doing volume final production parts for quality result.

For 3D printing services, here are the following three main benefits for maintenance and spares applications:

  1. Making procurement easier

“Time is money.” The more you wait, the more you lose. Compared to making purchases in the traditional way, from looking for suppliers to waiting for goods being shipped from overseas, 3D printing can offer time and dollar savings. Once a part is 3D modelled, 3D printing services can help you lower the cost of procurement substantially and make the procurement easier for everyone. Instead of waiting months for a critical part to arrive from overseas and to clear Australian customs, delivery timeframes can be shortened if 3D printed by some Australian 3D printing companies.

  1. Minimizing the impact to business

Preparing a spare tire is always the best way to avoid the inconvenience of a flat tire. Therefore, you might also need your own “spare tire” in case an incident happens. For example, if one of the key components in your machinery is out of order, it may cause shutdown for your facilities and may lead to a huge revenue loss for your company. To reduce downtime of your equipment/plant significantly, 3D printing service can become your “spare tire.” Your risk can be reduced by undertaking a business assessment.

  1. Increasing ROI and plant life

3D printing can help extend life of equipment by 3D printing obsolete parts and give a better return on investment (ROI). You will need to consider existing contracts and intellectual property as part of your business case.

In a nutshell, 3D printing services reduce uncertainty and risk for you, which can prevent procurement spend to no avail, minimize business downtime, and increase longevity of infrastructure. Thereby, increasing business success.

Select 3D company introduction

Select 3D offers comprehensive and tailored engineering consultancy and 3D printing services. With our professional consultants, we help our customers make recommendations on which of the products within your portfolio can be technically 3D printed.  We also help you decide which products could maximize your investment so that you can stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

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