Call for Speakers – The 5th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX – October, Melbourne


It’s that time of year again when I put out the call for speakers for the PASA Premier ConfeX, the region’s biggest and best procurement conference. The 5th Annual PASA Premier ConfeX is on 11th and 12th October at Crown Melbourne.

With the theme of ‘Unlocking Value Through Collaboration” the Premier ConfeX will explore all facets of how we must learn to work together to find new ways to deliver value.

As the world of business becomes more complex and with traditional ways of doing business rapidly evolving, having the ability to collaborate with all of our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and colleagues is essential.

We will explore how collaboration can unlock value through areas such as collaboration with:

  • Internal stakeholders/business units/project teams
  • Other members of our procurement team
  • External procurement professionals
  • Our suppliers
  • Our competitors
  • Extended ‘Value Networks’
  • Our peer groups for education purposes

Ultimately, effective collaboration drives better business performance resulting in productivity gains, greater effectiveness and superior outcomes. In the past we may have seen the ability to work collaboratively as a desirable attribute. Increasingly I am now hearing that it is essential if an individual is to be a success in procurement.

Do you have an example of collaboration in action that you would be prepared to share? Or perhaps you have strong views regarding how we go about driving more effective collaboration? Do you have a case study on how through effective collaboration, procurement has added demonstrable value?

If you have an idea you would like to put forward for a session, please drop me a line at the email address below and we can tee up a time to discuss.

Thanks and regards,

Nigel Wardropper
Managing Director

2017 Awards Programme

Following the success of the inaugural Entrepreneurial Procurement Awards in 2016, we will be continuing with the Awards programme in 2017. However, we will be adding an additional Award for the “Best Collaboration Initiative”.

These are our initial thoughts on collaboration. What are yours? We look forward to hearing from you – and working closely with you for a productive, successful 2017.


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