PODCAST: How the American Cancer Society Elevated the Role of Procurement


Guest: Brian Kyle, Managing Director, Strategic Sourcing & Contract Management, American Cancer Society
Episode Number: 125
Publication Date: Monday March 6th, 4pm Pacific Time

“Our people are dedicated to ending cancer as a major health problem. We translate our savings back into life-saving research, outreach efforts and other programs. Companies driven by quarterly results focus on short term projects, whereas we take a long term approach to creating value” – Brian Kyle, American Cancer Society.

How does the role of procurement differ in a mission driven organization? Today on the Art of Procurement, I explore how procurement can help save lives with Brian Kyle, Managing Director of Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management at the American Cancer Society.

Kyle shares his experiences of moving from a profit-driven to mission-driven organization, and the journey that American Cancer Society has taken to elevate the role of procurement from a sourcing to category management led organization – at zero incremental cost.

Areas we cover in today’s conversation include:

  • How Brian was able to pursue an international career, and some of the tips he gives for listeners interesting in working abroad.
  • The mission of the American Cancer Society.
  • Differences of working in a mission-driven organization vs a for-profit company.
  • If suppliers approach negotiations differently with a mission-driven organization.
  • Why the American Cancer Society decided to invest in Supply Chain and Procurement.
  • Brian’s journey to elevate Procurement from one that processed RFP’s to a category management led group, at zero incremental cost.
  • Key decision points and lessons learned along the journey.
  • Considerations if you are thinking about making the move from a for-profit to mission-driven organization.





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