What would a 25% lift in supplier performance mean to your organisation?


For many organisations, a supplier relationship can seem more like a liability always demanding attention, than a valuable asset worthy of investment. So, what makes the difference between these two perceptions? Leadership.

Grosvenor Management Consulting and Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA) recently completed a study on the impact of leadership style on supplier performance. The study, which included more than 100 public and private sector organisations, illustrated that by shifting procurement leadership style, organisations could improve supplier performance by more than 25%. And not only did organisations using the right leadership styles get better performance than everyone else, but they also spent less time managing their suppliers.

Leadership style significantly influences both supplier performance and the effort needed to manage relationships.

Dr Stefan Gassner leads the procurement practice at Grosvenor and is the author of study, ‘Is your leadership impacting supplier performance? Stefan’s consulting career has included both Australia and Europe, where he earned his PhD designing an evidenced based framework that can guide organisations through make-or-buy decisions for services.

To find out more about this study, we asked Stefan to tell us more about its background, what it uncovered and what he sees as the implications for how organsiations manage suppliers.

Listen to Dr Stefan Gassner as he talks to Steve Moore and Kris Wozniak from The Procurement Centre about the links between procurement leadership and supplier performance based on the results of our 2016 study, Is your leadership impacting supplier performance?

Listen to the podcast: https://www.grosvenor.com.au/resources/podcast-procurement-leadership-and-supplier-performance 
To get a copy of the study, just click on the picture below:











And, if you would like to contact Stefan directly, he can be reached at: stefangassner@grosvenor.com.au




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