PODCAST: The Art & Science of Influence


PODCAST: The Art & Science of Influence

Guest: Gordon Donovan, Metro Trains Melbourne
Episode Number: 110
Publication Date: Tuesday November 29th 2016, 11AM AEST

“My drive from a procurement functional influence perspective is to have a CXO, when they are considering organizational goals and strategy, to consider ‘lets talk to procurement’. If we get that, we have won.” – Gordon Donovan, Metro Trains Melbourne.

This week I welcome Gordon Donovan on to the Art of Procurement. Gordon is a presently a member of the procurement leadership team at Metro Trains Melbourne, and he has a broad range of experiences as a practitioner including Head of Procurement roles, consultant and training.

Gordon’s career spans both the UK and Australia, and includes roles at organizations such as the UK National Health Service, Transport for London, Healthscope, ArcBlue and The Faculty.

Today, we are going to discuss influence and I’m willing to say that there are few, if any, who have studied the topic of influence and procurement as thoroughly as Gordon. He wrote a 20,000 word dissertation for his Masters Degree on the topic of the development of influencing skills within the Australian procurement community, and he frequently weaves the topic into his procurement learning and development programs.

Areas we cover include:

  • The need to demystify procurement
  • The difference between functional influence and influencing skills.
  • The importance of facilitation skills
  • An overview of different influencing styles and how to determine which style you should use depending on who you are seeking to influence
  • Why kids are the best influencers and what we can learn from them
  • Key traits of a successful influencer
  • The power of inspiration
  • Gordon’s tips for building trust, which is the foundation of building influence.

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