‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ crucial for business facing cybersecurity challenge


Alastair MacGibbon, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, has spoken about where he sees the future of Australian business at the inaugural SINET 61 conference in Sydney. 

He spoke about innovation and collaboration which are crucial to procurement bringing value to business. The focus of MacGibbon’s words rings true for procurement professionals across the country. In fact, if he had a list of PASA’s buzz words around our theme for this year, ‘Entrepreneurial Procurement’ in front of him when he spoke, he couldn’t have done a better job of ticking them off! We heard partnerships, innovation, change, accountability, transparency, support, encourage, knowledge – and importantly, TRUST… 

According to ZDNet, MacGibbon said: “Clearly in this increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is more and more important and it’s the dual challenge that the prime minister often mentions of both growing that economy and securing and protecting our interests online, and those two cannot be done in isolation and they cannot be done without each other.”

Remember that back in December, Turnbull pledged AU$30 million through to 2019-20 in a bid to grow and strengthen Australia’s cybersecurity industry.

MacGibbon continued: “It can only be done with effective partnerships – partnerships like the ones we see emerge here in this country. Partnerships between the private sector and government because it can’t be done by government alone and frankly, it can’t be done by any industry alone and it can’t be done by government and industry alone. It needs researchers, it needs investors, it needs that ecosystem that is so vital for us to make that significant change.”

MacGibbon added it is important to shifting the concept of cybsersecurity from being a problem into an opportunity.

“This is about innovation, interactivity, accountability, and transparency,” he said. “This is about us allowing market places to flourish while at the same time removing barriers and encouraging, supporting, and funding where we can to create that fourth industrial revolution. If we want to change from being the lucky country to the clever country… it’s by doing this. It’s by taking that knowledge economy that we’re actually very good at, and helping build that trust. I desperately want to see this succeed and we will continue to try until we do.”





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