Fraud in Procurement: What are the most common types?


Author: Whispli

Procurement managers have quite a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, with strategising and finding the most cost-effective & efficient deals and suppliers. It is very easy to understand why fraud can be overlooked.

Procurement fraud can be one of the more complex frauds to investigate; there are numerous ways it can be committed and, when investigating it, all options need to be considered.

Therefore to make things a little easier we have compiled a list of some of the more common types of fraud that can be found:

  • Kickbacks and Bribes

When thinking about bribes most think of the passing on of money. However, a bribe is usually the giving or receiving of a “thing” of value to corruptly influence the actions of another person or organisation.

Types of Bribes:

    • Kickback – A kickback is a type of bribe paid by the contractor after they have received payment for the project
    • Corrupt Payment – Any benefit given with the intent of influencing the recipient.  Things of value can include:
      • Gifts – Travel, entertainment etc.
      • Loans – To be repaid or not
      • Credit Cards
      • Sexual Favours
      • Purchase overpayment
      • Cash
      • Fees & Commissions
    • Corrupt Influence – can include:
      • Paying too much for or buying too many of an item/s
      • Qualifying an untested/unqualified company/vendor
      • Improper contract awards
      • Knowingly accepting low quality goods/services
      • Exclusion of other, qualified, bidders
      • Leaking tenders from other bidders
      • Specification’s narrowed to ensure that only 1 bidder can win the tender
  • Bidding
    • Bidding collusion – Bidders may collude and agree to submit complimentary  bids to allows each other to win contracts on a rotating schedule. Alternatively this system may be used to divide territories or to ensure other vendors cannot be selected for projects. Another name for Collusive Bidding is ‘bid-rigging.’ In many cases collusive bidding is used in conjunction with kickbacks.
    • Bid Manipulation – Procurement executives can manipulate bids and the bidding process to favour a specific contractor/supplier.
  • Variation Abuse

A contractor will, in collusion with a procurement executive, win a project with a low bid and then submit multiple variations to the project to increase price and profit.

  • Billing

A contractor will submit multiple invoices for works/expenses that were only incurred once.  A dishonest procurement executive may aid in this process by associating the different invoices to different projects.

Another type of billing fraud is false invoicing. In which a contractor/supplier will submit a invoice that is either false or inflated. In some cases a dishonest procurement executive may participate.

Another scenario is that a procurement executive can submit invoices from a fictitious vendor.

  • Undisclosed Interest

Procurement executives can, at times, have vested interests in a contractor/supplier.  An issue arises when the procurement executive does not disclose this interest, engages in unapproved discussions, or accepts gifts, kickbacks etc.

  • Contract Specifications

Contractors/suppliers may deliver items/work, or substitute items/work for an alternative, knowing that they do not meet contract specifications and deliberately conceal the fact or make false representations of the quality of the items/work.

  • Personal interest

An employee may purchase items through their agency/organisation, and billed to a project, that are intended for their own private use.

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