Clients saved $46k EVERY DAY they engaged an Acquire consultant in FY16


Today, Acquire Procurement Services announced their annual results for FY16. In the company’s first full financial year of operation, the company’s results speak for themselves.

In their results, Acquire tallied up the millions of dollars they saved their clients during the year and divided it by the total number of days their staff worked to achieve those savings. The result was that for every day a consultant from Acquire assisted one of their clients, that client was $46,000 better off.

Acquire’s Director, Simon Thompson, said: “I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve within this last financial year. When we began this consultancy back in early 2015, our focus was to challenge the norm and help our clients see their supply agreements in a different way.

What I am most proud of is that 98% of our results came from further improving supply contracts where other professionals had recently implemented cost reduction initiatives. Our team has a firm belief that continuously improving something, by even a mere 10%, is usually extremely difficult, but if you think a little differently, you can improve it by 10x or more. We have proven that thinking differently works.”

One of Acquire’s recent projects involved a multi-million dollar annual supply arrangement where recent initiatives had already reduced costs by 10%. Acquire’s procurement professionals were able to quickly reduce the cost by a further 50% and provide an implementation plan (which is currently being worked on) to reduce that cost again by another 50% within 18 months.

Although, collectively, Acquire has experience working across many industries, products and services, their biggest successes have been in areas where they have limited prior experience. They believe that this forces their consultants to look at things with a completely different lens from the industry norm. All the consultants at Acquire believe that the best solutions are all already out there, their job is to see them under a different light.

In FY16, The majority of Acquire’s work has been within the mining industry with companies such as BHP Billiton appearing on their client list.

For more information, please contact Simon Thompson.

About Acquire Procurement Services:
Acquire specialises in establishing, restructuring, and renegotiating supply contracts for Australia’s leading organisations, and has extensive experience within the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and utilities industries in both private and public sectors.

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