Technology trends in Foodservice


Author: Dr Karen Abbey, Church Resources Foodservice Ambassador

One thing is certain, foodservices technology will constantly change and adapt to make the production of meals faster, simpler and safer. Technology changes include:

  • Information systems
  • Equipment
  • Food technology

Information system underwent rapid change with new software packages which have refined finances, account, human resources as well as meal, menu and diet management. Electronic information systems which have remove the need for paper base filing systems. Utilising in house menu ordering systems, which allow for the introduction of room service type meal delivery models.

Information systems are important in the foodservice department to control systems from meal management menu planning, forecasting and purchasing inventory management and food safety.

Equipment is rapidly adapting to make production easier, improve hot holding of meal, meal delivery system, shorter cooking times, retaining nutrients and outstanding presentation. The emphasis on buying equipment which saves water, power and is easy to clean and maintain are all important considerations. Sous vide, the use of double sided cooking equipment and pressure cooking are all leading the way to help deliver meals faster but also provide catering solutions for choice.

Food technology describes the way in which food is prepared which increases it shelf life. Technologies like sous vide which seals and cooks food to increase it shelf like the use of biotechnology, irradiation are all ways to maintain the quality of food.

We already have technology like freezer and fridges, but even here technology is changing to make these pieces of equipment more efficient. Biotechnology is creating the taste of the future. This form of genetic engineering is helping plants become resistant to drought, disease spoilage, and increased variety of foods with a longer shelf life.

Food technology provides flexibility when meal planning, allows seasonal foods to be used all year round and increase the variety of foods which are available.

All these technologies are available to support foodservices, helping with menu planning and the delivery of meals.

* Dr Karen Abbey, Church Resources Foodservice Ambassador, Foodservice Specialist Dietitian PhD. To subscribe to  CR foodservices click here:

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