Aspen Medical grows and saves lives with help from Concur


Author: Matthew Goss, ANZ Managing Director, Concur

Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, global healthcare solutions provider with more than 2,500 employees. It offers a range of services from a single, on-site nurse, to full surgery capabilities or medical evacuations and owns a number of ambulance companies that provide emergency services across entire countries. The company also provides general healthcare services in a range of industries including government, resources, oil and gas, defence, and more.

Expense reports took too long
Employees work on international and domestic operations, and often have to travel to remote areas and overseas to treat their patients. This creates a high volume of expense accounting for the organisation.

Aspen Medical quickly realised that it was taking too long to process expense reports, taking valuable time away from helping people.

The expense claims process included sending expense reports to designated approvers, such as line managers. Once that happened, there was no visibility into the progress of these claims. This meant that employees could be out of pocket as they waited for claims to be approved. Additionally, the manual processes meant that, through no fault of their own, employees could find that they had accidentally violated expense policies, creating further issues.

The company needed to find a faster and more efficient way to process expense claims without compromising on policies and auditability.

Automated, rules-based solution delivered benefits
Sudeep Acharya, group accounting manager, Aspen Medical, decided to trial Concur’s expense management solution across the organisation. Because it was a rules-based solution, the company could specify certain policies and procedures that apply automatically to every claim.

Sudeep Acharya says: “Before using Concur we were inundated with paperwork, and it was piling up. Everything was in constant flux and we couldn’t get appropriate visibility into expenses. Concur has automated the expense management process, saving massive amounts of time. It has also delivered the trackability we needed.

“Concur came at the right time; we basically tested it on 300 employees and it worked perfectly. As we expanded to more than 2,500 employees, there have been no hiccups at all in the way Concur performs. And, although we are receiving five times the expense claims we received previously, the team hasn’t had to spend any more time on claims and associated tasks.”

Cloud-based system offers flexibility
Because Concur is a cloud-based system, it lets Aspen Medical operate wherever there is internet access. This was particularly useful in the Ebola outbreak of 2014, when Aspen Medical sent nurses and doctors from all over the world to help in Africa. While the company was constantly feeding data back and forth with its customers, Concur streamlined the expense management logistics so that Aspen Medical’s staff could concentrate on providing urgent medical care.

Sudeep Acharya says: “Concur has helped us grow and, because it has automated many processes, it has freed up employees’ time to focus on helping people instead of managing expenses. Aspen Medical can continue to respond fast to medical needs around the world without being stymied by inefficient expense management practices.”

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