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WeTrak is a GPS Delivery Driver location services platform that gives restaurant managers real-time visibility over “out-of-sight” staff. It is powered by Swift and is Smartphone based. PASA wanted to find out more about this fantastic Australian innovation…

Is WeTrak any different from the Domino’s tracker?
Our main difference to the solution implemented by Domino’s is that instead of using specific GPS hardware (prevalent for operators who own their delivery vehicles), we piggy-back the geolocation services of everyday iOS and Android Smartphones and present this through a cloud based management portal.

Our platform enables restaurant drivers to download our app, login to their shift, and then provide unique location information to both the restaurant manager and end customers. This provides virtual management visibility and a greater customer experience.

As we are powered through an app and a cloud based portal, there is no need for any expensive hardware or installations. We also seamlessly interface with the core communication functions of the phone to enable drivers to directly contact the store or customer. Our product offers huge benefits to restaurants through cost savings, efficiency gains and customer service standards, using everyday consumer technology.

How does your platform help QSRs with deliveries and operations?
We enable restaurant managers to keep a virtual oversight of their “out-of-sight” employees. This has significant benefits for delivery and route planning, and employee safety. Importantly, it also means you know when your deliver drivers are returning to store so that new orders can be allocated efficiently. Our customers are reporting great improvements to operating efficiencies and also dramatic reductions in customer service enquiries during delivery.

We have also built our platform so that we can easily provide “driver on route” notifications to restaurant customers. Using either SMS or email communication, our platform will send a branded notification with live tracking. We also have the capability to gather performance feedback through both customer and driver ratings, and also provide logistical analysis regarding delivery times, driver km’s and performance.

Is the platform available to smaller franchises and start-ups as well?
Absolutely! We want our product to benefit all QSR’s across Australia and NZ. We have received amazing feedback from both large scale brands and smaller independent operators. We will have some exciting announcements over the coming weeks and months.

We take the position that with large scale adoption, we can make feature improvements that ultimately improve the platform for all users, including SME’s. We plan on continually releasing these features to our customer base to ensure that all our customers can offer big company tech and continue to impress their customers with great products and services to match.

We have API’s available and are also in discussion with a number of 3rd party systems and Point of Sale providers about integration points.

Most importantly, when we built our platform, we recognised that not all business owners have huge budgets to implement technical innovation. It was really important to us to keep the entry level cost of our platform as low as possible for franchisees, small groups and small business owners.

As such, our system has absolutely no upfront costs as there are no additional hardware needs. All you need is a computer and a smartphone. Our business model is “pay as you go” whereby the system will charge the QSR on a per delivery basis (starting from 40c and decreasing based on volumes).  All the restaurant owner / franchisee needs to do is top up their store credit when their balance is running low and then continue delivering.

The massive benefit of our platform and technical capability allows us to adapt our model for different environments, so that we can work with both small and large volume accounts to devise a pricing structure and product that is adaptable to individual needs.

Tell us what inspired the innovation and how your product came to be?
With 2 and a half years of technical development, we adapted our technology platform to a SAAS from a logistics platform that was been used to managed an Uber style of last minute delivery. This road testing provided huge amounts of data and understanding of the market and one thing became abundantly clear, the benefit of using Smartphone based technical distribution.

As the software driving these devices has improved, so has our ability to innovate and build a robust, cost effective and value-adding SAAS platform.

To reduce our risk of failure, we were also focused on building a product that had cross-industry application. We are currently in discussions with a number of industry verticals about application into various B2B and B2C segments and the broader services sector. We are very confident that this cross-industry approach will continue to drive product development and technical innovation to the benefit of our customer base.

As an Australian owned and developed platform, we are always watching the technical developments emerging out of the US and Europe and in particular the way that development is applying to the “on-demand” economy.  We see “on-demand” as the emerging business trend over the next 20 years and want to be at the forefront of this evolving market. What better way that with the original “on-demand” sector, the QSR industry?

Support Australian innovation!

WeTrak is offering all customers a no obligation, FREE trial of 50 deliveries.  http://www.wetrak.com.au/delivery


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