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Call For Speakers!

Technology and process are two of the three traditional pillars of procurement capability, with the third being people. However, many would now argue that technology and process are becoming increasingly indivisible, with best in class procurement teams automating a significant part of the procurement process, freeing up precious resource to work on more strategic, value-adding projects.

ProcureTECH is the only event in the region specifically focussed on procurement enabling technologies, combining the opportunity to view a wide range of solutions in the technology showcase with an educational programme tackling the key challenges faced by procurement leaders in choosing, implementing and delivering results through adopting new technology.

So what are the challenges facing procurement when it comes to procurement enabling technology? I have a number of ideas, some of which are listed below, but I would also like to hear from you if you have particular challenges or issues that you would like to see addressed, and in particular if you feel you could contribute to the programme with your expertise.

My focus in developing the programme for ProcureTECH 2016 is that the educational seminars should provide real, practical advice to assist procurement teams to make the right decisions through all stages of the cycle, from selecting the right solution to delivering and measuring tangible results. Some of the challenges that spring to mind are:

  • What are they and where do they sit in the scheme of things? There are so many solutions, but what does what, where do they fit together?
  • ‘End-to-end solution’ or ‘Best in class for a specific purpose’ – what is right for me?
  • Integration – API’s have come on in leaps and bounds, but what are the real issues with integrating procurement specific solutions into broader enterprise solutions?
  • How do we practically make the business case for a technology solution? What sort of ROI should we expect, and within what timeframe?
  • What priorities should we be focussing on in terms of selecting the most appropriate solution in each of the different categories of solution?
  • How do we plan to ensure a smooth implementation?
  • How do we drive adoption by the people who have to use the solution?
  • Where should our priorities lie in terms of obtaining quick wins through technology adoption?
  • How do we measure the benefits delivered after we have adopted a solution?

And I am sure that there are many more. If you are a procurement practitioner, adviser or technology vendor and have suggestions for other challenges that you would like to see addressed, or if you would like to contribute yourself to the programme (or suggest somebody else), then I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me at

Thanks and regards,
Nigel Wardropper
Managing Director

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